Polytrauma Treatment


Polytrauma describes multiple complex injuries of the brain and body typically caused by explosive blasts from car bombs, shells and flying shrapnel. The condition is commonly characterized by multiple head injuries, vision and hearing loss, nerve damage, multiple bone fractures, unhealed body wounds and infections - either of which can be life threatening. Others injuries may include severed limbs or spinal cord damage with the majority of patients experiencing some amount of traumatic brain injury. The complexity and severity of injuries sustained may also lead to emotional or behavioral challenges. In recent years, more soldiers and service men have been diagnosed with polytrauma as modern advancements have allowed victims of multiple blast wounds to be rescued from battle instead of dying in combat. Now, more soldiers and civilians on foreign soil are surviving massive injuries and can receive the medical care they need after returning home.


If you require polytrauma care, you'll need more than one doctor working on one condition. A comprehensive system of care is required for soldiers suffering from polytrauma. Based on your specific needs, a team of healthcare professionals will design a regimen of care that heals injuries and minimizes pain but also addresses your psychological and emotional challenges. The cornerstone of this comprehensive approach is rehabilitation. Prosthetic limbs and physical therapy may help you regain mobility while other therapies may help you regain your speech, memory and motor skills.