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About Dr. R.K. Verma

Ex. Professor & Head

Department of Orthopaedics,
S.M.S. Medical College & Hospital,Jaipur

Dr. R.K. Verma is one of the leading Indian orthopedic surgeons who has pioneered new treatments, founded new hospitals and earned an international reputation. He has headed the department of orthopedics at the prestigious SMS Medical College & Hospital of Jaipur (Rajasthan). Later he joined Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital, Jaipur (Rajasthan) as head of the department. He is currently associated with Apex Hospital as a Senior Consultant. He is a regular visiting consultant and advisor at Goyal Hospital and various other hospitals of Jaipur.
He is great academician and has won from time to time. During his tenure at the SMS Medical College & Hospital, he has contributed extensively in making of the state of the art Trauma Hospital, a division of SMS Medical Hospital.

He has been an inspector of Medical Council of India (MCI). He was also a distinguished faculty member of Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh (U.K.) for Joint Replacement. He has performed more than 50, 000 orthopedic surgeries which includes around 5,000 joint replacement surgeries, more than 2,000 Spine surgeries and around a 1000 complicated pelvic trauma cases with excellent outcomes even in difficult and complex scenarios.

Majority of his work includes:

  • Polytrauma (Multiple fractures in patients) where he works hand-in-hand with other Surgeons to treat such unstable and critical cases back to normalcy.
  • Chronic orthopedic problems
  • Spine cases including Trauma, Diseased and Disc
  • Revision orthopedic surgeries of chronic orthopedic problems - Dr Verma is an expert and has dealt with numerous cases operated elsewhere which have got complicated like Non-union, Implant breakage and Infections.
  • Geriatric orthopedic problems viz. fractures of Old Age. These are patients with Osteoporosis and High risk factors for any surgical procedure.
  • Joint replacements surgeries including hip, knee, ankle and shoulder.
  • Congenital and Pediatric orthopedic problems
  • Sports medical consultant to various sports authorities of India

Dr. Verma is a great fitness enthusiast himself and brings his positivity along with his surgical skill & competence to the delivery of care to his patients. He is thorough and meticulous and compassionate in his approach; with a penchant for perfection. His confident demeanor motivates his patients onto a path of speedy recovery. He is well respected by his peers as well as the community he has diligently and selflessly served over the past 35 years. He continues to mentor many of the budding orthopedic surgeons of India through his medical journey.


I sincerely thank Dr.R.K.Verma for my Total knee replacement. I was suffering from knee arthripis and was unable to walk even for a few step but since last 6 years, after knee replacement from Dr.R.K.Verma I am able to walk properly and also can sit cross legged.
-Mamta Singh

I want to say thanks to Dr.R.k.Verma For my Hip Replacement.I was unable to sit and walk properly,but after hip replacement by Dr.R.K.Verma I can sit and walk easily.Thanks to Dr.R.K.Verma.

-Amit Sharma